Pre-loved Yachts For Sale and Yacht Charters in Langkawi Island - Malaysia

How to Sell

The YBC process for selling your yacht is as follows:

1. Signed listing agreement:

The first order of business is a signed listing agreement which defines the conditions by which we will be working for you to sell your boat.

2. Yacht particulars:

We will conduct an initial interview with you to get an idea of the specifications and capabilities of your boat. We will provide forms to collect all the details and specifications which will enable us to complete the listing page on our website.

3. Yacht Photos:

We will visit your yacht to take a good collection of photos for the website presentation and we will gladly take some of your own if you have some under sail or at anchor.

4. Marketing:

In addition to listing your yacht on the YBC website, we will also:

5. The Sale:

Once we have found a buyer we conduct the sale on your behalf.

We are members of The Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents. exists to promote the highest standards of professionalism and expert knowledge in the field of yacht sales, and expects high standards of its members. Membership is only open to existing practicing brokers and new boat sales personnel with a proven track record in the industry. For all grades of membership there is rigorous scrutiny of the applicant's work. A Continuous Professional Development scheme exists to ensure that members update their knowledge regularly, and Members' work is monitored on a regular basis as they work to the strict Code of Practice.

The Purchase Agreement is drawn and signed by yourself and the buyer. When we receive the deposit as stakeholders we exchange.

The yacht is then under contract to the purchaser.

The deposit may be returned to the purchaser if the yacht is not satisfactory after survey/sea trial.

All costs relating to the survey are the responsibility of the buyer; the yacht is sea trialed at your cost and under your insurance and control. YBC can assist in conducting a sea trial if circumstances demand.

After survey the buyer may wish to renegotiate if serious defects are revealed. If mutual agreement cannot be met then the sale will be void and the deposit returned.

Once the purchaser accepts the yacht following survey and sea trial we ask that a Notice of Acceptance is signed. The deposit then becomes part payment for the yacht. If the sale fails to complete at this stage the deposit is retained and split 50/50 between the seller and YBC.

After acceptance, we will ask you to sign a Bill of Sale and produce all the original documentation details listed in the Purchase Agreement and we will handle the transfer of clear title, as well as settling any outstanding yard accounts if requested.

You have the option of an Exclusive Listing arrangement with YBC. Exclusive Listings receive priority treatment as we control all aspects of the marketing. We are more than happy to work on Non Exclusive agreement but by the very nature of a non-exclusive agreement we will not have as much control over marketing and promotion of your vessel.

At YBC, our aim is to find a purchaser for your yacht promptly at market value.

Call YBC on +(6)017-4196933 to discuss the purchase or sale of your yacht.

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