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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) on buying a yacht.
We share the answers to the questions below to assist you in the purchase process of a yacht. For more queries, on matters not covered here, send email:

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  1. Does YBC charge a buyer anything for its services?
    No. There are absolutely no charges of any kind to a buyer from YBC, whether you buy a yacht or not. The Broker earns a commission from only the owner, based on a percentage of the end selling price.

  2. How can I make an offer to buy a yacht subject to a test sail and marine survey?
    After you're happy with what you see and satisfied that it's the yacht of your choice, you firstly decide what price you're prepared to pay. You then pay a deposit and sign an "Offer to Purchase" agreement, (that your broker prepares), subject to the satisfactory results of a test sail and survey. You then need to pay a surveyor, (arranged by yourself or YBC), plus haul-out costs based on size of the yacht. Both items are non-refundable if you decide to continue with the purchase - or not.

  3. What items are usually covered in a surveyor's report?
    After a thorough inspection the surveyor will supply you with a copy of a written report that covers all aspects of the yacht you are considering buying, including but not limited to the hull, rigging, electronics, machinery, engine/s, accommodations, overall condition and considered market value.

  4. What if defects are discovered during the sea trial and/or survey?
    It's not unusual to find some defects, in which case, with the assistance of your broker, an acceptable solution is sought and found by negotiation with the owner and confirmed in writing. Any such agreement is normally by adjustment of the price or the defect is rectified by the owner. If that agreement can't be reached, the buyer is not obligated to continue and deposit is refunded

  5. How much deposit is payable, how is it paid and who holds it?
    Deposit is 10% of purchase price, paid by transfer from buyer's bank to the broker's Trust Account and held until the balance is paid and all documentation is completed and final handover of yacht.

  6. When is the balance payable and how can it be paid?
    Due date for balance is agreed upon between owner and buyer and is paid by bank transfer into the Broker's Trust Account until an agreed settlement date, when full payment is made to the owner in exchange for a Bill Of Sale and all boat documents, including the original registration certificate.

  7. What items should the sales agreement and contract contain?
    * A description of the yacht, including make, model, year, registered number, engine serial number/s.
    * An inventory, fully detailing all of the contents of the yacht that are included in the purchase price.
    * The purchase price, including the deposit paid and how/when the balance is to be paid.
    * Clear language specifying that the sale depends on a satisfactory survey and sea trial.
    * Details of when/where the yacht will be delivered and date/location of where sale is to befinalised.
    * A statement within a Bill of Sale confirming the boat is free of liens and encumbrances and that the seller accepts responsibility for any debts incurred during the seller's ownership.

  8. Is sales tax or GST included in the purchase price?
    The good news is - Langkawi is a Duty Free island. Unlike many other places, there is no tax payable.

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