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Itinerary 12 days Langkawi:

Day 1:
Reception at the base of Dream Yacht Charter, located at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. Installation on board and briefing.

Day 2: Sail to Pulau Timun. 7 MN.
Anchor in the small bay on the sandy beach. By late afternoon, you may have the chance to see monkeys and wild pigs on this beach. There is also a visit to around Pulau Paku annexed and discover the cave bat on the eastern part of this island.

Day 3: Pulau Gubang Darat. 14 MN.
This is a beautiful anchorage for the night, in the southwest part of Dayang Bunting. There is an excursion to the Lake "The pregnant Princess Lake", the largest freshwater lake in Langkawi water. The scenery is breathtaking, and you can swim in the lake. You can also rent electric pedal after you have walked in the forest of this nature reserve.

Day 4: Pulau Payar. 20 MN.
Navigate to this fabulous destination for scuba diving. Swim with dolphins "Coral Garden". Multi color fish will eat into your hands! Also enjoy beautiful white sand beaches.

Day 5: Pulau Singa Besar. 30 MN.
This island was a wildlife sanctuary. At sunset, you'll probably get to see the smallest deer in the world (mouse deer) and wild pigs. If you are lucky you did not smile the next morning so go walk on the beach to see the footprints in the sand. Awana Porto Malay. 2.5 MN. There is a small marina and a nice anchorage.

Day 7: Telaga. 9MN.
Here, you can choose to stay at anchor between the two small islands, or return to the marina. Whatever your choice, let yourself be tempted by the many restaurants on the promenade of Perdana Quay. You'll find your happiness.

Day 8: Tanjung Rhu Beach. 15 MN.
It lies north of Langkawi. There are several beautiful beaches and views of the surrounding islands is beautiful. You can anchor in the bay of Datai Hotel.

Day 9: Kilim River Geopark. 10 MN.
You enter another world. A mixture of mangroves and mountains that stretch 100 km2. Also, you have the opportunity to eat fresh fish at the restaurant of the "Fish Farm". There are beautiful excursions to in the Annex; will visit the caves, and browse the arms of mangroves. You come back with beautiful memories!

Day 10: Pulau Langgun Est.5MN.
A lovely anchorage, the typical Asian middle limestone islets.

Day 11: Pulau Bunbom. 18 MN.
Last anchorage before civilization. Face has a beautiful sandy beach, and right next to a "fish farm" float.

Day 12:
Back at the base of Dream Yacht Charter, and debriefing.

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